Timothy Constable

Timothy Constable

Timothy Constable is an award-winning percussionist and composer and is a permanent member of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s percussion section. A compelling, creative and sensitive performer, he has performed as concerto and chamber music soloist at the majority of Australian classical music festivals, and in New Zealand, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, UK, Ireland, Senegal, USA, China, Korea, Nepal and South-East Asia.

Timothy was the artistic director of Synergy Percussion between 2009 and 2017, during which time the group undertook some of its most ambitious work, including the 40th anniversary season in 2014, and extensive collaboration with renowned ensemble Noreum Machi (S. Korea), commissions of Steve Reich, Anthony Pateras, many recordings and the video project 40under40.

His current composition commissions include Omer Backley-Astrachan (Maholohet Festival, Israel), Orava String Quartet (Australian Festival of Chamber Music), and other recent works include Cinemusica (Australian Chamber Orchestra), Ordinary Time and Spirals (Southern Cross Soloists), and a number of works for Noreum Machi, Synergy Percussion and Taikoz. Contemporary dance score credits include works for Meryl Tankard, Shaun Parker, Legs on the Wall and Dance Makers Collective.

He is committed to both new and ancient music, with a large body of World/Australasian premieres to his name, including Steve Reich’s Mallet Quartet, György Ligeti’s Síppal, Dobbal, Nádihegedüvel, Anthony Pateras Beauty Will Be Amnesiac or Will Not Be At All, and Flesh and Ghost, works by Simon Holt, Lisa Lim, Arvo Pärt, Gerard Brophy among many others. In the realm of ancient music, he has undertaken detailed study with Senegalese master drummer Aly N’Dyiaye Rose, and (currently) Korean Jangoo with Kim Yeong-Taek and Kim Chong-Hee. He has also transcribed for marimba all of the Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin by JS Bach and has performed all six of these works at the Australian Festival of Chamber Music over a period of several years.

Timothy Constable is a Freedman music fellow, an Elizabethan Theatre Trust scholar, a university medalist of Newcastle University, and a graduate of Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden.

Timothy Constable played sensitively balanced marimba temelos and evocative metallic and wooden percussion in the first section, before leading to a manically charged closing section, projected against the robust energy of the taiko drums – a brilliant tour-de-force.

Sydney Morning Herald

Timothy Constable gave it everything he had and delivered a powerful, sophisticated and graceful show… Easily one of the best performances I’ve seen this year. When Constable closed the night with an African song, singing like no white man I’ve heard before, I was moved to tears.

Brisbane Courier Mail

In Psappha, soloist Timothy Constable became Spiderman traversing a scaffold. He played a contest between a glockenspiel and concert bass drum, his stick suspended above the drum as if it were the moment before its death.

Real Time

It is brilliant and thrilling stuff, and when percussionist Timothy Constable played, indeed practically danced, the solo, Psappha, the audience gasped for breath.

Sydney Morning Herald